Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Full November Schedule

Starting Monday November 3rd we will be offering both 4 week semesters and drop in classes. We are now taking registration for the November Semester.

Monday is Drop In Pole 7-8pm. The two classes on Tuesdays, Pole Fit and Burlesque, go for 4 weeks. Where Tuesday November 11th is a holiday, Remembrance Day, the studio will be closed and there will be no classes. So the Tuesday Classes will go into December. They will be on Nov.4, Nov.18, Nov.25 and Dec.2.
Wednesday is a drop in Burlesque class 7-8pm. Thursdays Intermediate Pole and the new Pole Aria is a 4 week semester from Nov.6- Nov.27.
Saturday has the new Pole Aria and Entry Level Pole as a 4 week semester from Nov.8-Nov.29 and also Drop in Pole.

So in a drop in Burlesque class, it is a structured taught class, where you would learn one little routine a night. We do a neo-burlesque style dance so think more Pussycat Dolls and the movie Burlesque, versus the old school style of a strip tease. In a burlesque semester you come 4 weeks in a row and would learn one dance for two weeks, and a different dance for the other two weeks, so these dances would be a bit longer than one you would learn in only one night at a drop in class.

In a drop in pole class there is an instructor present to help you with anything you are working on, but it is not as structured of a class as there could be people at very different levels. If you come to a drop in pole class you can work on whatever you like or ask ask the instructor to show you some tricks.

In pole fit it is more of a work out class to get stronger using the poles, so we often do a circuit in the class using the poles, weights and yoga mats. So this is not a class where you would learn pole tricks or dance really. You do however get some time at the end to work on some pole tricks. But for the most part it is a fitness class.

Entry level pole is a structured 4 week class, where you would learn beginner pole tricks and some easy transitions. Starting with simply walking around the pole, to by the end maybe even going upside down!

In Intermediate pole, it is a some what structured 4 week class, where you would learn more intermediate tricks and some transitions. Such as shoulder mounts, butterflies and the superman. This class again often has students at slightly different levels so not everyone will be working on the same thing and you can always ask the instructor for help on a particular thing.

We also have a new class starting in November called Pole Aria it is a combination of pole and aerial silks. It is a 4 week semester and would be taught in a structured class format. This is a new class not only to our studio but also in this area. So everyone will technically be beginners starting out :)

If Pole Aria was something you were interested in trying but couldn't come to one of the 4 week semester, we can always put up the silks in a drop in pole class and let you work on pole aria then. We are pretty easy going.

If you have anymore questions on class formats or times do not hesitate to contact us. You can also call or email to register for a November semester or let us know you plan on coming to a drop in class. Remember we take cash only!

Unleashed Fitness and Dance
Phone: (902) 880-8908 or (902) 877-8054

Transit Discount

For all our students who live in Halifax our new location is just across the street from the Alderny Ferry terminal in Dartmouth and then about a 5 min walk. We support local transit as it is good for the environment and want to offer any student with a valid bus pass a 20% discount off the semester price. There is also a bus stop right outside the studio.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Price List

Our New Price list at our New location!
*Remember the drop in price for October ONLY is $10/class not $15. It will go up to $15 in November and also we take cash only


October Schedule

For the month of October we are doing drop in classes only, as we didn't get open in time for a full 4 week semester. Drop ins this month will be Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. Each class will be an hour long and cost $10/class. Next month the drop in class price will go up to $15 a class. Remember we take cash only.

We are now Open at a New location.

We are no longer located at 245 Waverly Road, we are now at a new location at 15 Alderny Drive.
It is on the opposite side of the road from the Alderny ferry terminal but a little further down the road closer to the bridge. It is an older heritage building that is a light blue/greyish in color. The entrance we use is on the side where the parking lot is.